Goodbye tablets?

I remember when the iPad first came out, we had landed a huge account at our office and the boss got everyone iPads to celebrate. Everyone was really excited about them, and for the first week there was endless talk about what apps people had downloaded. Some people tried to use them for work, taking them into meetings as a note-taking device, but ultimately switched back to good-old pen and paper.

Within a few weeks most folks stopped using them. The ones who still talked about new apps were largely parents who downloaded games for their children.

Fast forward a few years and tablets are the hottest consumer product of the holiday season. But there seems to be some evidence that this is a short-lived trend. According to this article, rather than a seemingly infinite number of responsive design breakpoints, we’ll soon settle on desktops (which are not going away, despite all of the predictions a few years back) and 5-inch phones.

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