Games as Art

I mostly talk about websites and apps on this blog, because that’s the industry I work in every day.

One of the somewhat tech-ish blogs I follow is Jeff Vogel, an independent game developer in Seattle who has made a series of RPG-style games for the past two decades or so. Jeff seems like a good guy and there’s a romantic part of me that loves the idea of the one-man game shop in the era of multi-million dollar titles like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden.

Even though I have very little time for video games and haven’t played a Spiderweb Software (Jeff’s company) game in close to ten years, I still like his blog because it gives me insight into the game design process and talks about the intersection of his corner of the tech industry with our broader society and culture. So, you know, right up my alley.

Anyway, apparently in this world there’s been a raging debate over whether or not video games are or can be classified as “art”. Some controversy was ignighted a few years back when highly respected film/art critic and writer Roger Ebert infamously declared that no matter how good they got, games could never be art.

Jeff has an interesting addition to the video games as art debate, and as always brings some much needed level headed perspective.

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